Sunday, May 03, 2009

Donate to Keep the Cincinnati Old-Time Radio Convention Going!

Here's a press release that a number of my readers might wish to see. It's not only a worthy cause but I stuck my head in that room to see Eddie Carroll a few times between rehearsals last weekend and it was amazing and enjoyable! If you're a Jack Benny fan or if you KNOW a Jack Benny fan, this looks like a must!

The Cincinnati Old-Time Radio Convention Needs Your Help!

Eddie Carroll as Jack Benny, on DVD!

by Bob Burchett, Convention Organizer

The Cincinnati North Hotel suddenly went out of business just days before this year's convention. So I had to move fast to find a new venue, and subsequently the cost was much more than anticipated.

I need your help to keep the Cincinnati Convention alive. As you know, the Cincinnati Convention is unique in its informality, with celebrity guests mingling freely with the attendees at all hours, and the easygoing atmosphere is comfortable for everybody.

Here is our idea to raise money to keep the convention alive, and at the same time to provide everyone the magical experience that took place in Cincinnati the morning of April 25, 2009.

Jack Benny Tribute Artist Eddie Carroll spoke for an hour and a half that morning to a standing-room-only crowd. Eddie has the unique gift of bringing Jack back to us in a way you can't possibly believe until you see him.

People who were there call it the greatest event they have ever seen at a convention. This mesmerizing performance was captured on DVD, and I will send you your own copy when you make a donation of at least $15.00 to the Cincinnati Old Time Radio Fund. This DVD is available nowhere else!

If you are able to send more, your contribution will be greatly appreciated. Our convention means too much to too many to end now. I thank each and every one of you for your help in saving the Cincinnati Old-Time Radio and Nostalgia Convention.

Please send your check to:

Bob Burchett

10280 Gunpowder Rd

Florence, Ky 41042

All help is deeply appreciated!
It should go without saying but in order to get your DVD, you have to send an actual check to Bob at the above address--NOT TO ME.

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  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I was there and Eddie Carroll was absolutely fantastic. Besides speaking at the convention, Eddie also starred as Jack Benny in two tribute radio shows. I was so excited to meet and have a chance to work with him.
    MIke from Kalamazoo