Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pogo in Pandemonia

Boy, here is some good news! The ever-intriguing Thom Buchanan, who already offers up a few amazing visually oriented blogs of his own, has just announced the premiere of POGO IN PANDEMONIA, a uniquely annotated reprint of a classic POGO storyline clipped from mid-sixties newspapers! Mr. Buchanan met Walt Kelly during the period of the sequence and is thus able to offer insight perhaps available nowhere else. It's just beginning today. Check it out at:

And if you haven't yet done so (or done so lately) you can find Wally Wood, Walt Kelly, and a whole bunch of great artists you may never have heard of (including Buchanan himself!) over at and .


  1. Steven--Thanks for the promotional. I'm really hoping that Kelly fans who haven't seen the color Sundays will follow along, as it was an extremely creative time for him. Great art, little jokes, strange little animals, little scenarios in the background abounded.

    I struggled with what to do with sharing these strips. I felt it would be too hodge-podge to show up only once in a while on the Pictorial Arts 'blog. Yet a 'blog all its own is going to be a lot of work (at an already busy deadline season for me). And ultimately it will be done with its mission in just a few months or less. But then I figure it will exist on its own and be available for new Kelly fans coming into awareness of his world.

    Then I also hesitated after reading that The Fabulous Fifties 'blog was going to start posting some of the same strips. But hey, it's not a rivalry or competition. Hopefully the viewer will get a more fully packed Kelly experience. I'm really looking forward to seeing any 'dropped' panels from different formats.

    I'm sure a lot of Kelly fans have already seen this material, But I'm sure a lot haven't. I hope people will share their Kelly stories as well. If this goes well there are some other cool story arcs I could share as well.

    Thanks again.

  2. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Thanks to Jim Engel, as well as
    BookSteve, for getting the word
    out about this coming and exciting

    Sam "IGOPOGO" Kujava