Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dom Deluise-RIP

My wife and I were just saying a week ago that Dom Deluise would probably be a wonderful person to just hang out with. He always seemed pretty humble, too. I'll bet he'd be surprised to see just how big an outpouring of affection he's getting at his passing. As I wrote before about him, the only real problem with his career is that no one ever seemed to be able to figure out exactly what type of vehicle would be best for Dom. Thus, there is no one show or movie or book or concert for which we remember him. We just remember him for being funny and making us smile by his very presence...and that's certainly not a bad thing. Here's a short student film Dom Deluise participated in that always makes me smile-THE HEALER.

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  1. I am loving that all the people whose geek cred I respect are giving these great loving tributes to a very decent, funny guy. One of a kind. He will be missed. I am waiting for the Burt Reynolds interview. He must be just devastated today. Viva Captain Chaos!