Saturday, May 23, 2009


Okay, all of you NCIS fans, did you know that at one point more than 40 years ago you could actually have a life-sized photo of "Ducky" on your wall? Personally autographed yet! And all for only one dollar!!!! I'm told that there's even one NCIS episode in which someone inquires what Ducky might have looked like when he was younger and the answer is...Ilya Kuryakin! Strangely, I don't recall Ilya being nearly as skinny as he looks in this ad though.


  1. That episode of NCIS exists and I actually saw it early this week. I giggled like a school girl because I loves me some 'Man from U.N.C.L.E.' There was always something about the UN actually DOING SOMETHING through their own spy agency that seemed right to me. And if you could have any name, Napoleon Solo would be that name.

  2. Robert Vaughn only gets a microscopic footnote at the bottom... check if you want a Robert Vaughn one too... he's an afterthought to Ilya. Interesting.

  3. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Can you believe that David McCallum
    is at least 75 years old! He looks
    well on NCIS...or that his run on
    NCIS has eclipsed his co-starring
    role on Man From UNCLE!

    Sam "Mr. Waverly" Kujava

  4. Illya is my favorite Man From UNCLE and I greatly watching David McCallum as Ducky on NCIS. I also enjoyed his roles on Sapphire & Steel and The Invisible Man. Not only is he a very talented actor but he has also composed, conducted and even sang.