Friday, May 01, 2009

The Byrds, Noel Harrison and Barbara McNair Cover the Beatles-1968

Here's a short, pointless cover of Paul McCartney's "Good Day Sunshine" by a truly bizarre combination. Noel Harrison, from whose 1968 TV special this clip is from, starts us off. He wasn't really much of a singer but he was still enjoying his 15 minutes of fame at this point. The late African-American singer/actress Barbara McNair joins in. All the while we hear what sounds vaguely like Beach Boys harmonies in the background. This turns out to be a few seconds of the Byrds, of all people! THE FREAKIN' BYRDS!!! I see Gene Clark and Roger McGuinn but is that Chris Hillman or David Crosby on the right? I thought Crosby had flown the coop by this point.


  1. Anonymous10:05 PM

    I don't think that is Crosby (Gene Clark's brief return was to replace him) or Hillman. I think it is Terry Melcher!

  2. It sure does look like melcher so I think you're right. Thanx!

  3. "The guy with the moustache is Jimmi Seiter ; the drummer is Ted Bluechel
    from The Association."

    Seiter was their road manager, and is in other videos of the Byrds playing drums.

  4. Barbara McNair was with Motown at that point, and pretty far down on Gordy's priority list. There was more press in '68 for her nude scene in IF HE HOLLERS LET HIM GO than she ever got for her singing.