Thursday, May 28, 2009

Carry On YouTube!

The British CARRY ON films are, in the US especially, an acquired taste. They are, however, a taste I began acquiring in the early 1980's. Over the years, I've collected most of the films from various sources and recently have been catching up on ones I had never actually watched. Here, from YouTube, we present a few one off appearances of some of the CARRY ON gang.

First up is Kenneth Williams in 1986 interviewing Python's Michael Palin.

Series mainstay Charles Hawtrey left the cast due to his growing alcoholism and became something of a recluse. Here he is in 1984, however, in what is purported to be a highly edited interview as said alcoholism was allegedly affecting him at the time.

Sid James, the ultimate Cockney star, was actually South African! In spite of a troubled and sometimes controversial private life, he became a UK comedy legend! Here he is appearing on a panel show from the early 1970's.

Here's diminutive sexpot Barbara Windsor with her former co-star Kenneth Williams in 1986.

Finally, here's honorary CARRY ON member, the cheeky (but gay) Frankie Howerd, himself a UK comedy legend, appearing on a 1980's chat show.

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  1. If you like that sort of thing, you should definitely check out "I'm All Right Jack" and some of the other Boulting Brothers comedies.