Sunday, May 24, 2009

Love and Rockets-No New Tale to Tell

The eighties were the last really great period in music in my opinion. Lots of different directions and co-mingling of same. Lots of different, sometimes uncategorizable sounds. The group Love and Rockets, named, of course, after the now-classic Fantagraphics comics series by Los Bros Hernandez, had one of my favorite songs and videos of 1987 with NO NEW TALE TO TELL. Love and Rockets grew out of the earlier art-rock group Bauhaus and their comics connection was extended when singer David J from the group appeared wth Alan Moore in his musical romp, THE MARCH OF THE SINISTER DUCKS. From Wikipedia-- "(Moore)has also made brief forays into music. In the 1980s he formed a band called The Sinister Ducks with Bauhaus bassist David J and Max Akropolis, and released a single, March of the Sinister Ducks (with sleeve art by Kevin O'Neill), under the pseudonym Translucia Baboon. Moore and David J also released a 12-inch single featuring a recording of "This Vicious Cabaret", from V for Vendetta, released on the Glass Records label in 1984."
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  1. I loved their combination of goth and psychedelia; Earth, Sun, Moon is the perfect album. Never knew about the Alan Moore connection - interesting.... but, "sinister ducks" what an odd (and stupid) name.

  2. For all the goofiness we had to endure the eighties were a very cool time to be a music fan. I still remember those first heady days of MTV and video hits on CBC after school. Video may have killed the radio star but it sure made the decade all the more interesting.