Friday, May 22, 2009


Maybe not but reader Jennifer thinks so. She's looking for a particular book that's stuck with her all these years but she can't seem to recall exactly what it was. I've been there. You've been there. The good news is that now we have the collective hive mind memory of the Internet, Here's what Jennifer recalls:
Maybe you can help me... ? I love HB characters, especially the Shmoo. I just recalled having a large, landscape oriented, paperback children's book with Shmoo-like characters. I believe it was published by HB. It had a family of Shmoo-type characters, but they were all different colours. They made a house out of their shapes. One of the kids in the family played musical instruments and I believe the mother was purple and wore a single strand of white flowers on her head. I remember loving that book and wish I could find it to reread it. I believe the family was called the Barberarras or something like that. Are you familiar with it?

Well. I wasn't but I'm sure someone out there in TV land is. Anybody?


Ace Researcher (and jokemeister) Derek Tague ( reports that this was a European cartoon entitled BARBAPAPA. Here's their official website: and here they are:

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