Monday, May 04, 2009

Doctor Dolittle Trailer-1967

Still in 1967, here's the trailer for what was expected to be the biggest family film of the year, the fairly disastrous DOCTOR DOLITTLE with Rex Harrison and Anthony Newley. Having read the whole sordid story of the making of this picture with its insecure (or was he insane?) star and its overblown budget, I now have a whole new respect for the fact that the producers were able to pulll any entertainment value out of it at all! The marketing didn;t hurt, either. I recall getting Honeycomb cereal for Dolittle prizes and seeing the pushmi-pullyu guest on local kids tv!


  1. Anonymous12:28 AM

    IS there anyplace online one can read the whole sordid story of the making...or can you summarise some of the more interesting bits? (I often that accounts of movie making are more interesting than the movies themselves)

    B Smith

  2. Don't know of anywhre online but here's the book where I read it--