Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Two-Gun Kid

Marvel's TWO-GUN KID has been retconned so many times he's like a one-man LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES. Like JONAH HEX at DC, he's even had a long stretch out of his own time (notably in SHE-HULK of all places!). I never really read him consistently as a youth but I generally preferred his Kirby and/or Ayers art to that of Jack Keller on KID COLT, OUTLAW or Larry Lieber on THE RAWHIDE KID. (Later I discovered Doug Wildey on THE OUTLAW KID but that's another story.) Came across this early sixties story the other day, from a seventies reprint, which brought to light a whole new aspect of our gunslinging hero. He sings! That's right, the Two-Gun Kid is a singing cowboy! Maybe he could get together with Colt an' ol' Rawhide an' they could form a trio. It'd be like RIDERS IN THE SKY! Or maybe they DID become the Riders! Nah! None of them are blonde. Seriously, though, was this an anomaly or did he sing a lot back when that was fashionable? Any western fans here?


  1. My only exposure to the Two-Gun Kid were a few time traveling stories in The Avengers. I never knew he was a singing cowboy until you mentioned it. After hitting Google, I found Two-Gun Kid at Toonopedia that mentions he was originally a singing cowboy.

  2. Anonymous7:18 AM

    When Lee and Kirby remodeled the
    '50s Two-Gun Kid into a "timid lawyer by day masked vigilante lawman the rest of the time", they
    brought back the original's singing
    persona for just that one example you showed. It was obviously a mistake (he's a brave gunfighter
    AND a lawyer AND a crooner?) and
    it was never repeated.
    Nice Riders in the Sky reference...
    I LOVE those guys!

    Sour-note Sam Kujava