Saturday, November 08, 2008

James Batman

I once worked with a delightful young lady named Rosie who was of Filipino descent and tried her best to teach me some of the Tagalog language. I wish I'd been paying more attention because then maybe I could understand what the hell is going on in JAMES BATMAN, an unauthorized 1966 spoof of Bond and the Caped Crusader! Here are a few murky but interesting screen shots, however. I THINK the guy in the awful suit and hat is supposed to be 007. Note, also, the "Penguin" character. Oddly, the actor playing "Batman" seems to have been best known for spoofing Bond himself in a series of "Agent 123" movies.


  1. Anonymous6:17 AM

    what is the symbol on ''batman's'' chest?

  2. Not sure what the symbol is but it MAY be a "J" and a "B" intertwined...although it does vaguely resemble one of those kama sutra silhouettes so...