Friday, November 21, 2008


Longtime readers may recall my special, TWILIGHT ZONEISH connection to legendary movie star Lana Turner (detailed here: Well, for years I tried to reach the now late actress to tell her that story but it was never to be. Last week, however, after another several years of trying, I DID finally succeed in reaching her daughter! I received a very nice email from Cheryl Crane saying it was "a lovely story" and that her mother would have enjoyed it. That very day (what a coincidence) I picked up a copy of Ms. Crane's new coffee table book on her mom, LANA-THE MEMORIES, THE MYTHS, THE MOVIES. As this type of book goes, this one is more substantial than most. As the title says, it literally covers the spectacular ups and downs of the actress's personal life as well as an individual look at each of her films--good and bad. Along with this, we are treated to a most humanizing narration from Cheryl and a simply amazing selection of photos from beginning to end! To top it all off, this fifty dollar style book is only 35 bucks retail and can be found in various places on the Net for under 20 dollars! About the only thing missing from this book for even a casual fan is my story...and you guys have a link to that above. Go. Spend money on this one!

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  1. went backand read the first Lana post. what a great story. like yourself, I was - and still am - a big fan of the old Hollywood movies. unlike yourself, Lana Turner was always one of my favourites. I've lost count of how many times I've fallen in love with her ( her and Ava Gardner ), over and over again. there simply isn't anyone around today to compare with the likes of Lana ( and Ava! ). she was a true star.

    looks like I know now what to get the wife to buy me for Christmas. . .