Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Twice Upon a Time

Spiked a fever and ended up staying home from work after all so, for anyone still paying attention, here's yet another cool movie ad from back in the day. George Lucas produced the animated feature TWICE UPON A TIME back in 1983 but due to various behind-the-scenes wrangling and studio problems, it was barely released in theaters. Most who saw it did so on cable TV and in one of two different edits! The absolute only thing I remember about it (other than this Pythonesque ad) is the "Figmen of the Imagination!"


  1. Anonymous9:03 PM

    I've seen a few times and have a copy on video tape somewhere. It's Great

  2. Since childhood, I have LOVED and never (never, ever, ever, ever, ever) forgotten watching the Fig Men of the Imagination... I loved this movie SO much - it has haunted me ALL this time... thank you for naming it for me. I feel like I've struck gold! I want only, before I die, to twice upon a time see again the Fig Men of my Imagination!!!! It's beyond great! It's yummy... crunchy... salty!