Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Ultimate (sic) Marvel Collection!

I’ve always considered myself to be a collector but now I find myself questioning if perhaps I’m just a pack rat. The reason for this rethinking is that this "collectors item" set leaves me not only cold but feeling like somebody’s (in this case the US Postal Service!) is trying to rip me off! Okay, it’s silver. I get it. Wouldn’t mind having that much silver but do I really need it with Wolverine’s picture on it? At a fixed low price of $69.50…each! And it comes with postage stamps, too! The Green Goblin medallion is said to feature "an official Marvel image of the Green Goblin by artist Steve Ditko." The problem is that it doesn’t. For $69.50 (each!) you’d think you could expect truth in advertising! I don’t recognize the style but it’s definitely something more recent and NOT Ditko! Never minding the fact that Doctor Doom had to face enemies like the X-MEN (yeah. That happened a lot didn’t it?) or that he was created by "Marvel artists" Stan Lee and Jack Kirby! Even the picture of Stan included with his "special message" is about two decades old. I’m sorry but give me a long run of TALES OF SUSPENSE in fair condition and I’d be happy. Give me a bunch of postage stamps on silver ingots put together by folks who seem to know little of the product they’re pushing and which will sit and gather dust in a box somewhere in the back of my closet for the next twenty years and I’d feel ripped off! Guess I’m not really a collector after all.

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  1. Anonymous9:58 PM

    SURE you're a collector, Steve!
    But as we grow older, we exhibit
    better judgement and taste in the things we accumulate...I mean collect!
    That fancy schmancy garbage you
    featured is aimed at idiots with
    too much money and too little sense.
    Me, I'll take a stack of old funnybooks any day!

    Sam Kujava