Sunday, April 13, 2008

The 2008 Cincinnati Old-Time Radio and Nostalgia Con

How was it? Well, frankly, the Dealers' Room was disappointing...unless you wanted gray market DVD's mind you! Every table had hundreds of rare movies, shows, serials (and even comics!) on disc!
On the other hand my fifteen minutes of fame have gone into overtime apparently. Every year I think that this is the year I just won't get cast at the auditions for the re-creations. This was NOT that year. I was given not one but 4 scene-stealing parts in three plays! I was the Chinese Houseboy and an egotistical gunfighter in HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL, a Southern police inspector in YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR and--in a role originally played by Jack Benny--a Martian in an atypical episode of SUSPENSE! In fact, I had above the title billing in the SUSPENSE! (My lovely bride played both my mother AND my love interest in that episode! She asked if they would pay for my therapy!) By the end of the weekend, I was signing autographs with the celebrity guests and I couldn't walk from the stage to the back of the room without people stopping me to congratulate me, thank me, pat me on the back, etc. One lady even said she looked forward to seeing me every year just to see what new voices I'll come up with! Thanks to all of YOU who said nice things about my acting! Considering how depressed everything else has been making me lately, I REALLY needed that!

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