Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Christa Helm and Legacy of Satan

Just in time for next Tuesday night's 48 HOURS MYSTERY on Christa Helm, I have finally gotten a watchable (and it IS surprisingly watchable) copy of LEGACY OF SATAN, Christa's first movie. Although our research has yet to really determine how she came to be in this film, here's what we DO know:
1-LEGACY OF SATAN was directed by Gerard Damiano who also directed DEEP THROAT right around the same time.
2-Although released in 1974 it was probably made as early as 1972.
3-Her tiny role as "girl" (listed as "the blond blood farm" in IMDB) is miscredited to "Christ" Helm which led to her misbilling on IMDB under that name until just recently.

4-In the film, Christa's character is stabbed to death in an eerie prediction of her own future demise.

5-The relentless and terrible synthesizer score is the worst thing about the picture!
Here are a few screen shots.

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    I've just set it up to record.