Friday, April 25, 2008

More on Christa Helm/48 Hours Mystery

Okay, a LOT of people are dropping by the Library today searching for Christa Helm info! We've got it! Use the search engine at the top of this page and just type in "Christa" and hit "Search this blog." Also, before you go, be sure to look to the right for the Christa Helm site set up by John O'Dowd and featuring much of our early research on her life and death. When you absolutely have to leave, here's a link to CBS's glamour shots of Christa:48 Hours - Mystery, Video, Tapes and Transcripts - CBS Be sure to tune in Saturday night on CBS! Check your local listings for times.


  1. Anonymous5:57 PM

    There have been over 160 hits on Christa's article JUST TODAY!

    Hopefully, CBS will take note of this explosive interest in Christa's story as it bodes well for the show, too.


  2. Anonymous8:17 PM

    John- Coming from one who has had the opportunity to experience Nicole's pain first hand, I want to thank you for working so hard on this. You are certainly a man of integrity and I am grateful for you time. I would love the opportunity to shake your hand one day. Nicole is a wonderful person, and I will forever be thankful to you for helping her alleviate some of the pain and mystery surrounding this case. God Bless you and your family- Nicole is the love of my life.

  3. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Hello: I was a friend of Christa Helm in the 70s. At the time I owned a boutique in the West Village in Manhattan where Lennie B. and I made clothing for her at my design studio. I remember when the tragedy happened and have wondered what progress was made in capturing her killer. I am happy to know there has been new evidence with DNA. Wanda

  4. Wanda, if you see this, please email me at as we are still working on a full scale biography of Christa!