Friday, April 18, 2008

Christa/48 Hours Date Change

For those of you keeping track of this, CBS informs me that the official airdate for the Christa Helm edition of 48 HOURS MYSTERY has now been changed BACK to Saturday, April 26th from its most recent "firm" date of April 22nd. I'm reminded by ace researcher DEREK Tague that since some local affiliates tend to interrupt network feeds with political returns a Saturday date is probably preferable to a Tuesday date. Me? Since as of this writing, neither 48 Hours - Mystery, Video, Tapes and Transcripts - CBS or 48 Hours Mystery TV Show Overview of 48 Hours Mystery TV listings guide, T lists content for either date, I strongly suggest we all watch BOTH days...just to be certain.


  1. My English-language blog has just risen from the ashes:

  2. Anonymous12:07 AM

    Let's just hope it stays on the 26th. I am booked on a flight to be with Nicole for the airing of the show. I am praying that this will generate a lead in finding this horrible person that killed Nicci's mom.. I'm praying that justice will be served and Sandy can rest in peace.. and Nicci can have closure.. you see.. it was my grandmother that raised Nicole and I.. she is my sister... and I want nothing more than closure.. for Nicci.. for her 2 wonderful boys... and most of all.. for Sandy.. thanks Steve.. for your interest.. and your fair portrayal of a very sad story..

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