Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Lane Bradbury

Lane Bradbury is an actress that I recall seeing on many seventies TV shows including ALIAS SMITH AND JONES, THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY, BANACEK and THE WALTONS. She had a unique look and a distinctive Southern accent which, along with a last name shared with my favorite author at the time, made her memorable. She was also in one of the important early TV movies, MAYBE I'LL COME HOME IN THE SPRING with Sally Field.

Recently, Ms. Bradbury sat down with my sometime collaborator John O'Dowd for what turned out to be a marvelous mini-memoir. That piece is now available online here: Lane Bradbury: A Life of Meaning and Purpose. You may not recognize the name but if you grew up in the seventies, you undoubtedly enjoyed some of her work. Go. Read. Thanks for sharing this lovely piece with us, John!

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  1. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Thanks a lot, Steve. I'm glad you liked Lane's story. She was always a good actress, always gave memorable and believable performances, but what she's doing now with her Valkyrie organization surpasses everything else. She's literally helping save young people's lives and I really, really respect her for that.