Friday, April 11, 2008

Pictures From 1989 Radio Con

This will be the 20th year I've attended the Cincinnati Old-Time Radio and Nostalgia Convention. Seen here is an OTR "fanzine" from 1989 that featured some shots of random performers in the re-creations from my second year including special guest Willard Waterman (THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE!). Note the pic in the lower right hand corner and you'll see a much skinnier me along with the young lady who would three years later become my lovely bride. In this shot, I'm holding my nose in order to achieve the nasal inflections of Fred Allen while the future Mrs. booksteve, herself Jewish, affects the stereotypical delivery of Allen's Alley resident, Pansy Nussbaum!
Note also the late Dave Warren. A couple years back, my wife and I won the Dave Warren Award for our contributions to keeping OTR alive. Prof. Gary Yoggy--here voicing a fairy tale giant by speaking loudly into a bucket--is the author of several wonderful books on old-tme Westerns.
I'll be debuting the Official BOOKSTEVE'S LIBRARY
t-shirt at the Con later today so if you attend, please say hi!

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