Sunday, March 30, 2008

Random Panel of Comic Book Weirdness # 27

Aquaman in Space!!!!! Personally, I think this concept should have been given its own series! Here's what looks to be an Infantino-inspired shot by Nick Cardy from AQUAMAN # 8. Can you imagine if Wally Wood had drawn it? Or maybe even the Sea King's later artist, Jim Aparo! Who needs a spacesuit anyway? Just gimme some waterproof gloves and the stars my destination!


  1. Cool indeed, but don't forget Aquaman flew in space in the opening of one season of "Super Friends"--without a helmet. See 52 seconds in to this:

    Immensely sad that I recall that.

  2. Sort of reminds you of "Snakes on a Plane", doesn't it? Both are sort of....high concept....not.

  3. i want that image on a t-shirt.