Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dotty and Ditto by Bill Woggon

Here's a cute little comic story by KATY KEENE's papa, Bill Woggon from PEP COMICS # 58. MLJ's PEP had started out as a superhero showcase spotlighting, amongst others, THE SHIELD and THE HANGMAN. By this point, though, ARCHIE had made his debut and was well on his merry way to squeezing the long underwear guys out of the book entirely. Originally, the covers featured THE SHIELD. With ARCHIE's growing popularity, they began featuring THE SHIELD in humorous scenes with the red-headed teenager and his friends. Later ol' SHIELD was relegated to the upper right hand corner circle while Arch monopolized every cover. The only time, as far as I know, that the two features interacted INSIDE the comic was in this dream story.In fact, ALL of PEP's features--even SUPER DUCK--were involved in this one! The Shield figures seem to be drawn by someone else, possibly his regular artist, Irv Novick (known much later for his work on FLASH and BATMAN in the seventies) and I speculate that they were pasted over Woggon's version of BLACK HOOD who doesn't appear at all in spite of Dotty's telling Gramps that he did!

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