Friday, March 14, 2008

Christa Helm Website

I've noticed an upswing in the folks coming to this blog using the keywords "Christa Helm." Longtime readers will recall Christa as an aspiring seventies starlet whose sole starring feature film literally fell through the cracks. She was murdered in 1977 and the case remains unsolved. These visitors check out a couple of the old (and now outdated in some cases) pages and then leave but they DON'T check out the link to the more extensive website John O'Dowd had put together to showcase our initial research. That would be this one here: The Unsolved Murder of 1970's Hollywood Starlet Christa Helm - Page 1 of 5If you have any interest at all in this fascinating story, please check it out. Also, let me assure you that the story is STILL unfolding even as we speak. For now, let's just say keep April 26th open.

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