Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Golden Age of Wonder Woman Revisited-1966

Although oft-mentioned on this site, the big nostalgia boom of the 1960’s had not really hit in late 1965 when this issue of WONDER WOMAN with it's excessively wordy cover hit the stands. The camp craze that came with Batmania was still a couple of months away, also. Thus it now seems more than a bit confusing that Editor/Writer Robert Kanigher would opt for a return to WW’s Golden-Age roots with this issue. Longtime artists Andru and Esposito even began aping the more primitive art style of the feature’s original artist, Harry Peter. Essentially re-telling the original tales in a slightly more modern (meaning in this case less kinky) fashion, the attempted trend petered out after a few months and the character went high camp for awhile with the rest of her DC contemporaries.

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  1. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I like the work of Kanigher, Andru
    and Esposito on many strips, including their first issues as a
    creative team on display in SHOWCASE PRESENTS: WONDER WOMAN
    Volume 1.
    But this ill-advised attempt to go retro and ape Harry Peters' antiquated art style was a grand headache that must have sunk sales to Mer-Boy level!

    Submerged Sam Kujava