Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ocean Master-Best Helmet Ever!

Originally appearing in mid-silver age AQUAMAN comics, the character of the Ocean Master was secretly Aquaman's fully human half-brother, thus creating some reluctance on our stolid hero's part to mess with him all that much. The important thing , though,was that he had a really cool helmet! As designed (presumably) by the great artist Nick Cardy--at his peak as a storyteller during the sixties--Ocean Master's helmet is the highlight of any issue it's in. Later artist's, like Don Newton seen here from the seventies revival, attempted to streamline and stylize the whole Ocean Master look but one simply cannot improve on perfection. Dr. Fate, Marvel's Black Knight, Thor, of course...all also-rans in my opinion, Ocean Master wins! Coolest. Helmet. Ever.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Coolest? No doubt!
    But what if his nose itches?

    Sub-Mariner Sam Kujava