Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Precious Update

For those of you who care, a brief personal update. Today was the day of our dog's surgery and Precious seems to have come through it with flying colors. He's back home already with a week's worth of meds. They said he's be lethargic but he isn't. They told us he shouldn't climb the stairs for a few days but he very carefully walked up them himself before we noticed. He seemed quite proud of the feat. He DID bleed all over the passenger seat in the car but we took him right back to the vet and that was not from his incision but from a nail they clipped to keep him from tearing at it. They quickly fixed it AND showed me how to get the blood up from the car seat!

The next phase is waiting to see if the cancer has spread. Initial results look positive but the final word is still to come. Think good thoughts.


  1. For any other folks out there who might want to know, peroxide worked great on getting the blood stains off the seat. While I was more worried why my dog was bleeding, once we knew it wasn't anything serious, I was amazed at how well it worked!

    The vet claimed that he'd be lethargic when we got him home. We're still waiting for the lethargy. (happy momma grin)

  2. good thoughts for Precious!! he's a handsome devil.