Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Calling All Dog Rescue Fans

If it isn't one financial crisis, it's another. Looks like the pup we rescued eight years ago (and wrote about here:BOOKSTEVE'S LIBRARY: Linda Blair's World Heart Foundation) now has a tumor and at the moment we can't afford to do anything about it. If you like the blogging we do here nearly every day, please consider a PayPal tip to go to Precious's medical fund. My family appreciates and I promise to continue offering pop culture goodness to the Networld for as long as I can. Thanks!
UPDATE: 5 AM, 3-20-08 Looks like we will be able to take care of Precious right away thanks to one amazing reader--PayPal tips, of course, are still appreciated as we continue to try to avoid depression so we can run this here blog without sounding too glum! Thank you to our personal superhero!!!

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