Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Erica Doering

One of my new favorite people is stand-up comic/voiceover artist/actress Erica Doering. Erica stars as the character Compost Brite in Net friend Jerry Beck and Frank Coniff's (TV's Frank!) series of podcast films (available at Cartoon Brew Films) entitled CARTOON DUMP. The four--to date--films feature amusing and somewhat adult parodies of childrens show characters of the sixties and seventies and highlight just awesomely bad cartoons such as CAPTAIN FATHOM!

If you check out Erica at Erica Doering - Voiceovers for Sale you'll find samples of her impressive voiceover work as well as a link to her own blog and some stand-up bits. While I sadly must admit that her comedy bits themselves don't exactly leave me rofl, the glint in her eye, her big smile and her delivery won me over quickly. (Tmi,perhaps but I always love a girl with glasses, too!) Her slice-of-life blog, LIFE AS A HOLLYWOOD NOBODY, is most enjoyable and I wish she would update it more often.

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