Monday, February 26, 2007

Jerry Robinson in the Classroom

Jerry Robinson was an early and rather obvious assistant/ghost to Bob Kane on BATMAN. Robinson's style was quite different than what has come to be accepted as Kane's both in his layouts and his sketchier linework. Credited with creating (or at least highly influencing depending on whose version you believe) both Robin and the Joker, the young Robinson was certainly a major contributor to the mythos. Years later, he became the president of the National Cartoonists Society and in the 1970's acted as a liason with DC in the company's attempts to belatedly do right by SUPERMAN creators Siegel and Shuster. In between and for many years however, Jerry Robinson ran a newspaper feature entitled TRUE CLASSROOM FLUBS AND FLUFFS which illustrated schoolroom mis-statements ina literal manner to comic effect. His sketchy style had reached a zenith by this point and was not to some fans' tastes. The feature was popular enough, though, to elicit this collection published by Scholastic in 1970. Here are a couple samples from the book, too.

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