Monday, February 19, 2007

Bob Oksner's Angel

Reports came in this morning that Bob Oksner, of whom we wrote of our admiration here last week, had passed away over the weekend. As noted last time, nobody ever drew a comic book girl as cute and naturally sexy as a Bob Oksner girl whether it be Bill Ward, Wally Wood, Frank Frazetta or the classic SUPERGIRL (and PUSSYCAT) artist Jim Mooney. Here then, as another tip of the hat to the late, great Mister Oksner, is Angel from ANGEL AND THE APE, one of several late sixties strips co-created by the amazing Sergio Aragones. This particular shot shows our detective heroine as drawn by Bob and inked by the fabulous Mister Wood (assisted by Bhob Stewart?) himself. If you were the right age in 1969, this was better than PLAYBOY! Thanks again for sharing your humor and your art with us Bob Oksner. Bet the real angels aren't as pretty as yours.


  1. It's quite a bummer for me, as I only discovered Bob Oksner's work a couple of weeks ago, in Showcase Presents: Shazam!. I noticed that althouh his Billy Batson and Freddy Freeman, and Captain Marvels Jr. and Sr. look like C.C. Beck's and Kurt Scharfenberger's, his Marys (Batson and Marvel) are head and shoulders above all others. I searched for info about him, and came across your tribute. (I do read your blog, but had been away from it for a while.)

    I just read of his death on Mark Evanier's page, and I knew you'd also mention it. I am glad I got to know his art , even if it was only just before his death. Simply spectacular stuff. RIP, Bob.

  2. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Fortunately I outgrew Playboy!
    But the wonderful good girl art
    of Bob Oksner is TIMELESS!