Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Worldwide Geek

If you had told me in 1976 when I had my geeky senior picture taken that one day in the next century it would be seen around the world and now on AOL's main page....I would most likely have said, "What is AOL?"

After several days of links and nice write-ups from URLESQUE, GEEKOSYSTEM and several foreign language sites, I awoke this morning to my own eyes staring back at me from AOL's front page when I went to check school closings for my son. Wow. Have YOU checked out A GEEK'S BLOG 1976 yet? Let me know what you think.


  1. With age comes wisdom, just found your 1976 diary blog via aol, I dare say you were a most insightful person even then--the year I was born. Congrats.

  2. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Outstanding! The thing is most people wouldn't have the nerve to exposwe themselves liek this, all that teenage angst etc, so you've definitely hit on something. What did it do to your blog traffic, the AOL link?

  3. AOL replaced the link in mid-afternoon and that slowed things considerably but more than 4100 hits total yesterday anyway...going on ten times my average daily hits here at my main blog! Wow.