Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random Panels of Comic Book Weirdness # 82

Ickiest super villain ever? If this hadn't been a Code-approved comic they might've just gone all the way and named him Scat Man. Ew.


  1. Hey, I know that guy... I think. I remember him from a "Captain Sprocket" reprint in a MAD HOUSE digest... except he was called "Spray Man".

    Not a villain, he was actually a hero... Sprocket recruited him for his new hero team (along with Super Pizza Pie Man and Roller Surfboard Man).

    (Why do I know this stuff?)

  2. Yesh. I have only one issue of Mad House Digetst, and its the same one...

  3. More than likely scripted by my friend George Gladir, this gent is indeed called SPRAY MAN in one panel, then SPRAY BOMB MAN here. And yes, he is a hero, but let's face it...he'd make a better villain.