Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Superman's City--Metropolis, Illinois

Here we have a piece that appeared in the September 16th, 1973 CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Sunday Magazine. Do they still have Sunday magazines? I miss newspapers! This was around the time that Metropolis, Illinois, the only city inAmerica with that name, decided to cash in on the Superman connection. The original format being what it was, I've tried to clean it up and cut and paste to get you the best reading experience here. Sorry about the photo of the Man of Steel reading a comic. (Seriously, a Legion of Super Heroes reprint comic was the best they could do?)

The Superman/Metropolis Connection continues to this day. President Obama was even photographed with the town's Superman statue! Here's a link to the Metropolis Superman Museum's Super Store:


  1. Thanks for posting these old articles of our hometown. I really enjoy seeing people who remember Metropolis like I do. We're still here and everyone's favorite superhero Superman is stronger than ever.

    Don't forget to visit us sometime if you're in Southern Illinois / Western Kentucky. The Super Museum is open 7 days a week for tours and we have a gift shop too. But even if the store isn't open when you drive into town you can always get your picture taken with our world famous Superman statue any hour of the day.

  2. I drove through Metropolis once after a road trip to Nashville. Unfortunately, it was raining (pouring) and everything seemed to have closed for the evening. I never got a chance to go back, but I did take a picture of the statue from my car.