Monday, January 17, 2011

Worldwide Geek II

I'm still surprised at how much everyone has taken to my GEEK'S JOURNAL 1976. Delighted, mind you...but surprised. Seen above is a clipping from today's CINCINNATI ENQUIRER. Tomorrow I'm supposed to do an interview with a British magazine. The other day I was privileged to receive quite a few favorable English language reviews but also a couple of nice foreign language reviews. The Russian one translated like this on BabelFish:
"We here write, we write, read, read, and certain Steven Thomson began to frolic by similar in the distant 70th. Now its periodical records of those years, are published in [bloge] - A Of geek's Of journal 1976. It appears amusingly. Can even not of fake."
Many thanks to all who have taken the time to read it, comment and review it in your own venues.

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  1. congratulations, Steve, mate, you deserve it. it's a cracking good idea for a blog.