Sunday, January 02, 2011

Roy Rogers Lamp

"Official Roy Rogers Lamp Sculptured (sic) From Real Life by a Famous Artist!"

"You'll Treasure It Forever!"

"And get this--on the base you'll find a personal message "Many Happy Trails" autographed by Roy and Trigger (!!??)"


  1. Not sculpted, but "Sculptured by...A FAMOUS ARTIST"!

    Why, the Dresden Art Works even used their own "Dresdenite" to create this! Oooooooo....

    "His famous dad is with him always - even as he sleeps" Brrrr, that freaks me out a little...lil Roy looks none too courageous about it, neither.

    And I thought that Trigger's "signature" might be a hoof imprint...NOPE! Right there in the picture, "T r i g g e r", in perfect cursive. ?!?

    Remember, this is a lamp - "Not a toy!". Gosh, remember all of those great LAMP-TOYs we used to have? On. Off. On. Off. On. Off. So much fun...

    This whole ad is a riot. Got any of those old monkey-in-a-teacup ads? Yeesh - a (hopefully) live monkey in the mail ("I'm gonna name him LUCKY!")! Wasn't there puppy and kitty versions, too?

    Do they even PUT ads in comics any more?

  2. 'Scuse me. I just LOL'd at your comment.