Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy (Birth) Days- Daerick Gross

I'm sicker than I've been in ages but that doesn't change the fact that today is the birthday of my friend Daerick Gross (of VAMPIRE LESTAT and MURCIELAGA SHE BAT fame). I dug up this Ron Howard caricature from his early days at THE CINCINNATI POST for him and thought I'd share it with you in between my BLUH moments today.


  1. Hope you get better soon, Steve,

    Take care...

  2. sorry to hear you are sick. hope you feel better today.

  3. I went to the same art school as Daerick (Cincinnati Academy of Design, formerly Central Academy of Commercial Art -- both, now sadly, defunct), where he was something of a legend. I love his work and am the owner of his Vampire Lestat graphic novel. Best wishes to him -- and to you, too. :-)