Monday, January 17, 2011

The Bill Everett Archives Wants YOU!

Author and comics historian BLAKE BELL, biographer of Steve Ditko and Bill Everett, is looking for YOUR help with his next project. Well...maybe not you but somebody out there. Here's Blake's message today:

"We're looking for help with scans of Bill Everett's 1938-1942 (non-Marvel) work that Fantagraphics and I are collecting for THE BILL EVERETT ARCHIVES due out this summer.

Anyone who contributes will be handsomely rewarded for their efforts with free copies of the book upon its release. I'm also donating 10% of my royalties from the project to The Hero Initiative, so it's a win/win all around for this unique collection of rarely-seen work by a Golden Age of Comics master.

Do you have the comics listed below? If so (regardless of condition), please email me at (before scanning anything, please contact me for instructions; this is also to check if we've received worthy scans of a story already):

Amazing Adventures Funnies #1
Amazing Mystery Funnies v1 #1-3a, 3b; v2 #2-7, 18
Amazing Man Comics 5-11
Blue Bolt Comics v1 #4-11
Blue Bolt Comics v2 #1-3
Famous Funnies #85
(Reg'lar Fellers) Heroic Comics #1-9, 11-15
Keen Detective Funnies v2 #11, 20
Silver Streak Comics 20, 21
Target Comics v1 #1-9
Victory Comics #1, 2

And please do pass on my email to others you think might have the source material. As we did with the two volumes in the Steve Ditko Archives series from Fantagraphics, the pages of the comics are 'rinsed' from the original source material (can't mix it up by using some B&W stats). There are just enough Bill Everett stories from this period to make up two volumes if we find what we need. "

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