Sunday, June 13, 2010

Me. Now.

Sorry I haven't written much substantial here lately. I've been desperately but still unsuccessfully looking for work as my unemployment checks appear to be about to run out. Add to that my wife's uncertainty as to whether she will have a job either this next school year, some health issues I really need to see the doctor about, insurance or no insurance, dwindling finances...and I've been a little down to put it mildly.

I managed to get in some more photoshoots recently with Brittany Rose and that always cheers me up and I've enjoyed doing some work on various projects for others recently. I started my own new blog, FOUR-COLOR SHADOWS and I'm keeping that one up pretty well. I've got plenty of great stuff for the Wood and Morrow blogs but haven't felt like writing much so it's been mostly pictures or links there. I'm way behind (again) on YOU'RE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR LAST PICTURE but I have TROG, SEXTETTE and DR. COOK'S GARDEN so hopefully soon. I even have some news I've neglected to post on my Christa Helm blog. Add to this my daily (more or less) MAKIN' LINKS column at I.T.C.H. and it's not like I've abandoned you guys out there in blogland. Still, I feel guilty. I need to do more. Donations in the old PayPal box on the upper right of this page would help. A paying job would help even more. I am, in all modesty, a good writer, editor, researcher, transcriptionist, ghostwriter, photographer and voiceover announcer/actor. Not much call for any of that around here, though. Last week I was turned down for the closest thing to a real job I've had in more than a year--working for Dollar General. After a three hour online assessment, I received an email saying I didn't meet their minimum requirements...after 25 years in retail management! That didn't help my funk any, y'know?

Okay, just whining now, I guess...and this was never meant to be that type of blog. Since the beginning of 2009, I've lost my job, my health, my closest friend, my confidence, my self-esteem and much of my savings...but I've also met many new online friends and enjoyed my family very much. I think I've built something here and I promise I'm not going to abandon it. I just wish there was some way to make money on it.

Again, if you like this blog, consider a PayPal donation to keep it going. Thank you. More good stuff soon!


  1. '09 was a bummer for me, too. (loss of job, death of mother, etc., etc.). '10 has been better. Stay the course. The blog is terrific.

  2. If it helps any, you have your fans who like me see your blogs as "must reads".
    Hoping things get better for you soon and take care.

  3. Well, you're certainly not alone with the job difficulties, Steve. It took me nearly a year of applications and resume sending to get a job, and it's just a crappy part-time retail gig.
    The morons in Washington, and the economic illiterates who advise them have dug us all a grave and they still won't stop shoveling.

  4. Steve, don't worry about the amount of posting you do here; be assured that your Followers will be here to support you. I know how difficult it is to get motivated during hard times and I think you're doing a great job! Your blog is consistently entertaining, informative and intelligent: a rarity nowadays. Keep on keepin' on.....
    Take care of yourself,
    cerebus660 ( Simon )

  5. Your Blogs are great.