Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Roddy McDowall Reads H P Lovecraft

The stories of HP Lovecraft are looked on today as classics and progenitors of the modern genre of horror but for many years after the author's death, his works remained relatively obscure. Slowly they developed a cult following that eventually led to the elevation of their worth in the minds of whomsoever it is that determines what is literature and what is trash. Here we have an early sixties record album featuring one of my personal all-time favorite actors, former child star Roddy McDowall, fresh off his theatrical comeback in CAMELOT, reading a couple of Lovecraft's lesser-know tales--THE OUTSIDER and THE HOUND.

Just so happens if you're curious, you can find this hard to find item available for listening here.


  1. I recently discovered H.P. Lovecraft and some of his stories. That guy had one vivid imagination!

  2. The weird just got weirder.