Thursday, June 24, 2010

Action # 1 Ad

Was browsing through some scans of NEW ADVENTURE COMICS from 1938 today when this inside front cover ad struck me. Seems National Comics had this new comic book coming out that they say you couldn't afford to miss! Imagine if you will, some child picking up a copy of ACTION COMICS # 1 for ten cents after seeing this ad. There would have been absolutely no thought that it might ever be worth money some day. Why, it would be outdated as soon as the next issue came out! Take your time machine back and tell your great grandfather to buy everycopy he could find on the stands because some day it would be worth more than a million dollars and you would be locked away immediately! And yet there it sits in the mists of time...waiting for a child to discover Superman for one thin dime...and the world to discover comic books!


  1. Look at how exciting that cover is! What kid could resist? What other cover that month showed such awesomeness?