Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Green Hornet--the Trailer

Well, fellow fanboys, here it is--the long awaited, long dreaded official trailer for the new GREEN HORNET film. I find Seth Rogan to be amusing and a better actor than many of the new crop. That said, he would have been pretty far down on my list when it came to a dream cast for this picture. Remembering the whole debacle with Michael Keaton who turned out to be quite good as Batman, I've tried to maintain an open mind. I'm still trying. I like the trailer but it seems more like a spoof and yet why do I get the impression that they skewed the preview toward the funny lines? Between the lines, I seem to see a straightforward and pretty cool film there...hopefully. Definitely not your cool, in charge Van Williams Green Hornet but then seriously, that would be kind of dull and probably couldn't carry a whole feature film. Bottom line--new questions, new fears but some good stuff here. There's still hope!

1 comment:

  1. I would have much preferred casting Jon Hamm (Mad Men) for the title role of this movie myself. We'll see what happens with the film.