Friday, June 11, 2010

Captain 3-D Ads

Here are a couple of house ads for Harvey's early 1950's 3-D comics, both featuring Jack Kirby's CAPTAIN 3-D. The one ad is, itself, in 3-D but the other seems just oddly colored to give that appearance. Either way, the real question is who the artist on these might be. Could be Kirby on the top one with the other titles but definitely not on the other. Looks so familiar, though. Bob Powell? Anybody?


  1. They both look 3-d to me. Gonna post any Captain 3-D in Four-Color shadows? That would be groovy...

  2. Alan Kupperberg pegs Howard Nostrand as the artist on the second ad.

  3. The anaglyph 3D effect on those pages is outstanding (pun intended).

    As a kid I several 3D books, Mighty Mouse, The Three Stooges, a few others. Also a 3D move magazine with pin-ups of many of the stars of the day. I remember MM was one.

    John of the Golden Age