Saturday, June 05, 2010

Crime Fiction Utopia

Pssst...Hey, bud. Ya wanna get in on the ground floor of a good thing? My old pal Cory has started a brand new blog...just today! There's not much there yet but promise and potential but I have no doubt that will soon change. CRIME FICTION UTOPIA is exactly that--a place for Cory to expound on noirish crime novels, films and TV shows. This is a genre he knows more than a little about. From Mickey Spillane and Mike Hammer to Max Collins and Quarry, Cory may seem the timid, bookish type but in his heart he prowls the rain-soaked city streets dealing with private dicks, dizzy dames and manic mugs. Bookmark CRIME FICTION UTOPIA now and check back as it grows. With Cory's deep devotion to the genre, this should be a fun ride!

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