Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Four-Color Shadows Debuts

With all of the wonderful comics blogs sharing old public domain (and other) stories online, there would seem to be little need for yet another to join the ranks and it's certainly not as though I'm lacking in blogs already. Still, I've gathered a nice collection of interesting odds and ends that I thought others might enjoy and after all, I had to buy more storage space for my images awhile back so now I have a ton of room we have the debut of FOUR-COLOR IMAGES. We start off with a fun Alex Toth sci-fi story from 1952. With any luck, we'll be posting new stuff on a daily basis, at least until things get going well. So tell your friends, your arch-enemies and everyone else to revisit the comic book past with FOUR-COLOR MEMORIES and be sure to let us know what you think!


  1. well, I finally got around to dragging my sorry excuse for an arse over there, Steve, and, what can I say? excellent.

  2. A nice selection, Steve.

    Say, do you know what happened to Ten Cent Dreams? There's nothing there.

  3. No, Bhob, was wondering that myself. I recall he said he was taking a brief break but I would dutifully check back regularly and one day the blog had ceased to exist. Seems like he had a couple of other blogs also but I haven't noticed any other missing and I can't recall now which ones they were.

    Thanks for the endorsement, btw.