Friday, October 23, 2009

Windows7 and Me

Those of you who are FACEBOOK friends may already know this but just as an explanation for sporadic posting this week on all of my blogs, blame it on Microsoft. It took more than 3 hours to install Windows 7 the night before it officially even came out (Thanks Amazon!) but then nothing worked. I mean nothing. Looked all spiffy but...zilch. Two hours on the phone with a very knowledgeable, funny and instructive help desk rep named Amberdool the next morning (If they're in India, why did I have to wait until 9 AM my time?) fixed the initial problems. Since then, however, I've had to deal with a run of lockups and glitches their pre-scan program told me wouldn't happen. Examples include my media player working but no longer obeying any controls (always on top, full screen, forwarding, etc) but "PLAY" and my 6 month old scanner/printer printing fine even as it's telling me the scanner is incompatible with the new Windows even though Windows itself denies that! Multiple attempts to reinstall have thus failed.

So I'm blogging when I can but I'm stuck to blogging either already scanned stuff or items cribbed from the Net. Hopefully, will all gel soon. I just keep reminding's not Vista.

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  1. I am sorry you had issues with Windows 7. I myself just ordered Windows 7 Professional 64-bit over the weekend, and will do a clean install on a new hard drive, because my Vista Home 32-bit system is buggy. I hope your own system is running better.