Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bohemian Rhapsody For Comic Relief

Queen's BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY is the one song that can be counted on to be heard by any single individual in the western world on the radio on any given day if one listens for any length of time at all. It was popular in its day but has become more popular than ever in the afterlife of Freddie Mercury. Alert readers will recall that this ongoing revival of the song was itself jump started way back when with the movie WAYNE'S WORLD.

Everyone knows the words to the operatic rock classic. Even a whole bunch of UK celebs who perform it along with the record on this COMIC RELIEF show clip from a decade or so ago. If you've ever truly longed to see Stephen Fry and Hugh(HOUSE) Laurie's JEEVES AND WOOSTER singing BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY along with the headbanging of the cast of RED DWARF, this clip is for you! You'll also see Jonathan Ross, Gordon the Gopher (who I hear is actually on TWITTER now!), the disgraced BLUE PETER presenter John (No relation to the porn star/director)Leslie and a dozen more UK celebs, most of whom won't be recognized here in the US. If some of you readers across the pond would care to annotate, feel free.

Watch for the weatherman who cleverly gets the "Any way the wind blows..." line.

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  1. Running out the door for work so I'll give exact timecodes later, but I spotted the cast members from the 1990s, satirical newsroom comedy DROP THE DEAD DONKEY at several points.

    (A welcome surprise, I just finished watching the last two seasons on DVD a short while ago and thought that was all there was to see of them...)