Monday, October 19, 2009

RIP Vic Mizzy

Two of the undisputed greatest theme songs in TV history were created by composer Vic Mizzy--GREEN ACRES and THE ADDAMS FAMILY. I never understood why everyone didn't get him to do their TV themes in the sixties! I just saw where Mr Mizzy passed the other day at age 93. My favorite music from him was from Don Knotts' THE GHOST AND MR CHICKEN in which his unmistakable themes are a major plot point. In fact, according to Wikpedia, his association with the former Barney Fife in his big screen excursions led to his distinctive style becoming known for awhile as "The Don Knotts Style!" Thank you for the music and memories, sir!

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  1. I saw this morning that Vic had passed away......I had forgotten that he had done the music to Ghost and Mr. Chicken until I saw your post. Thanks.