Friday, October 02, 2009

Mid-Ohio Con-2009

Haven't mentioned it much but it's official now--We're headed to Mid-Ohio Con tomorrow! Longtime readers will recall that for literally decades the thing was held on the biggest shopping weekend of the year so even though Columbus is only 100 or so miles from here, my status as a retail manager precluded ever going! Two years ago, even though I was still managing a bookstore, it was an airport bookstore where that weekend was actually our slow period so I had arranged to finally go! Only to have my car break down the day before. A quick outlay of 200 bucks got it fixed but then I collapsed with the flu! Last year things went smoother...until the car started lurching and belching just outside of Columbus. Tried but was kinda hard to really enjoy myself knowing that it was likely to be a nightmarish drive home...which it was.

This year it was on, then off, then on, then off...Finally a definite no, we can't afford it with me out of work. Then the great Hembeck announced a rare out-of-state appearance. Fred was one of the earliest supporters of this blog and we've become good Netfriends over the years (which I still find odd as I recall reading his stuff when I was still in high school a hundred years back). This would probably be my only chance to meet him. Stranger still, he told me he was looking forward to meeing ME!

Other folks I've come to know including Mark Evanier and Tony Isabella and Mike Grell (who I last saw at a ChicagoCon in 1989) were going to be there, too so... Still, two years of car problems. I dunno...Then, the other day my "Check Engine" light came on and I knew a sign when I saw it...except that then friend Brittany Rose offered to drive us! Yay! On again. Then we find out HER "Check Engine" light decided to put in a timely appearance, also!

Screw it! I've been depressed lately and being wishy washy doesn't help. I decided to dip into a little of the savings and we'll rent a cheap car! I just did. So tomorrow morning, barring any more signs from the powers that be, the whole lot of us will be heading to MID-OHIO CON 2009!! Wish us luck!


  1. Good luck and have fun!

  2. Go for it, Steve!

    Have a good time and don't forget to bring back some juicy Con gossip :-)

  3. I wish I was going. I'd love to meet Hembeck.

    Have fun and good luck.