Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We Have a Winner!

Monstermike wins the special Fab Four No-Prize by guessing correctly that the young man in this photo is, in fact, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, director of several Beatles early promo films(including PAPERBACK WRITER and HEY JUDE) and, of course, director of LET IT BE!
The clue was the fact that Michael is the son of actress Geraldine Fitzgerald, seen in the picture. Ms. Fitzgerald had a career so long that she played Laurence Olivier's lover and later Rodney Dangerfield's mother! The second clue was what i thought was the conspicuous use of the phrase "let it be" in my original post. A third near-clue was left in the comments when I said I would "revisit" the situation. Michael Lindsay-Hogg also directed most of the episodes of the original BRIDESHEAD REVISITED mini-series.
As a director, Michael Lindsay-Hogg started on British TV's READY STEADY GO where he first directed the Rolling Stones. He would go on to helm the legendary ROCK AND ROLL CIRCUS as well as doing a number of videos for them including I KNOW IT'S ONLY ROCK AND ROLL (BUT I LIKE IT) and START ME UP.
Another Beatles tie-in was the 2000 TV movie TWO OF US, a fictional look at a 1976 reunion of John and Paul. Although noted also for his work with Paul Simon and the Who, as well as extensive television work, Michael became an award-winning Broadway director in more recent times.

Here's a link to a nice article about Michael Lindsay-Hogg with a more recent picture!

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