Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Rare Jim Engel!

Hey, Jim! Look what I found! This illustration of Mr. Engel's DICK DUCK, DUCK DICK was clipped a few decades back from a mailing envelope for THE COMIC READER (in which said strip appeared) and presented here today in the new century for all of you nostalgic fanzine fans!


  1. Anonymous7:38 PM

    I LOVE Jim Engel's art, and these
    days, it's better than ever...what
    a rotten shame that his work doesn't appear in comic books; we're all the poorer for it.

    Green Bay Engel Fan Numero Uno!

  2. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Steve, I remember the very night I did that---and it's a bittersweet memory...

    I was recently married, and my friend & artistic idol, the GREAT Alan Jim Hanley (who lived in Wisconsin) had called & said he was gonna be in Chicago & wanted to visit.

    I called Chuck Fiala, and the three of us got together that night at my place. Somebody had some "CRAFTINT" board (artboard that has screen patterns embedded in it that becomes visible when you brush special chemicals on it)...

    We did three pieces for Jerry Sinkovec & Mike Tiefenbacher to use on "Comic Reader" mailing envelopes---the DICK DUCK piece you posted, a BULLET CROW by Chuck, and a headshot of CAPTAIN MARVEL that Hanley pencilled & I inked (and I recall him not liking the technique I used on Cap's hair).

    It was a great night of artistic rambling & comraderie---bittersweet 'cause Jim died tragically a year or so later...

    Thanks for the post (and the kind words of "Green Bay Fan")!

  3. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Thanks for sharing the "behind the
    scenes" story of the picture you
    did, Jim.
    I also met Hanley back in the day
    and thought the world of him and his talent. A cartoon/caricature
    he did of Lynn and me (as Super-Sam
    and Wonder-Lynn) is framed and hanging on the bedroom wall where I can see it every day!

    Green Bay Engel & Hanley Fan Numero Uno!

  4. Great artwork and thanks for posting it.

    I have awarded your blog with a PREMIO DARDO "I love your blog" award here

  5. Wow! DICK DUCK!

    How funny! I remember this character from the Comic Reader. As a little kid I used to love that mag & he was my favorite character. I just always liked the artwork. It had a unique style.

    I actually met Jim Engel at a comic book convention & he acted like he was totally shocked I even knew who this character was. He drew me a picture of the duck & I still have it all these many years later. I'll have to dig it up.

    BATMAN FAN? Visit The Bat-Blog!

    Thanks, Tommy

  6. so it sounds pretty unlikely that we'll see a collection then?

  7. Jim is one of the GREATS! I admire him from afire...which can be quite hot at times.
    Three chairs for Jim Engel!
    (the 4th one is still on order)

  8. Wow. I was looking for some info on Jim, because I THINK he donated some historical material to Chicago's Museum Of Broadcast History - Radio/TV personality Bob Sirott interviewed a museum spokesperson this March 22nd (2010), and Jim's name came up. It HAS to be him. I remember that he and Chuck Fiala did a cover for Chuck Schadens' Nostalgia Digest/Radio Guide in Chicago, and Jim did a sketch of ME, as IRON MAN, years ago at a Comic Con!

    Mike Reese,